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    Invited Talk at EOSAM22 on the 13th of September 2022

    Entitled "International and digital subsurface-damage-testing technologies laboratory", the OpenLab for OCT will be present with an Invited Talk at EOSAM22 in Porto on the 13th of Septmeber 2022 at 4:30pm :

    With the establishment of a versatile infrastructure for subsurface damages, a new interational laboratory has been established. For this purpose, researchers from the fields of optical metrology, optics technology, ophthalmology and computer science joined forces. A central research question and object of object in the OpenLab are microcracks in optics production, so-called subsurface damage. With the ultra-high resolution and highly sensitive optical coherence coherence tomography, a measuring principle based on white light principle based on white light interferometry, it will be possible to in glasses and ceramics with a resolution of 1 μm. The laboratory is open to researchers and users to work together on topics related to SSD or to have measurement tasks carried out directly. The article presents the structure, the possibilities of cooperation and the goals of the open lab.