Currently, the OpenLab infrastructure is being built up. Additional OCT infrastructure covering different OCT types (SS, SD, TD) and system parameters will be available in 2022.

 OCT Systems


System Manufacturer Type Wavelength
Resolution in air (axial/lateral) Sensitivity Comments
GAN621 Thorlabs SD 900 nm 3.0 µm / 4.0 µm 102 dB (@5kHz)

customized for reflective surfaces

TEL221 Thorlabs SD 1300 nm 5.5 µm / 7 µm 109 dB (@5.5kHz)

polarisation sensitive

UHR-OCT Thorlabs SD tbd 1.2 µm tbd available in Q4/22
VIS-OCT laboratory setup SD tbd 1.0 µm tbd available 2023
UV-OCT laboratory setup TD-FF tbd 1.0 µm tbd available 2023
SS-SD-TD Thorlabs SS/SD/TD tbd tbd tbd  
IOLMaster700 Zeiss SS 1060 nm tbd tbd